J-Juce is a veteran in the game. Born and raised in Dallas Texas by the name James Odie II, he has been around music and releasing projects since 1999.
Starting with the independant label Kode Red Records, to starting his own label UndaGround Railroad, he released his first solo independant album titled.
“Cadillac Swangen” which sold 6,000 copies. Since then he has been behind the scene and hands on with artist, producers and studios.
He has been helping and connecting while doing business with many so now he’s back to doing his own music.

J-Juce is set to release his long awaited “I’m My Own Boss” E.P. November 11, 2016 on Veterans Day which features T-Cash,      Pooca Leroy, Screwed Up Click’s Big Pokey, J Rec and Colby Savage.

“I’m here to bring Texas music back to the essence,” says J-Juce.
I’m My Own Boss is also 80% finished and will release shortly after. He has been busy conducting interviews with blogs and magazines
promoting the release of the E.P.                                                                         You can here more of J-Juce on Soundcloud.com/jjuce.

Inquiries: jjuceradio@gmail.com
FB: @JJuceshow
Twitter: @jjuce
IG: official_jjuce